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COVID-19 in Houston, Texas

We offer a way of administering medications that can be dispensed at a controlled pace intravenously through a catheter. Avail of a special procedure for administering medication or nutrition. Infusion therapy reduces medical expenses and decreases time spent in clinics or hospitals so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Our clinic provides essential infusion services to meet all of your needs. We offer you the convenience of receiving them all in one place.

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We are proud of our commitment to your health and well-being where patients can receive their intravenous treatment needs and avail of fast and affordable COVID-19 testing in Houston, Texas.

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IV Vitamin Infusion

IV therapy is especially useful for nutritional intakes.

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing

Vaccines and tests are available.

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IV COVID-19 Antibody Infusion and Treatment

We administer antibodies as protection against the virus.

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At King & Quean’s Point Services LLC we take our mission to heart every day. As healthcare providers, we work hard to ensure the safest, highest-quality patient experience.

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