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Bivalent COVID-19 Booster: What You Should Know


As we are all aware by this point, the virus that causes COVID-19 evolves. Even if you’ve had prior vaccinations, your protection will eventually wane as the virus evolves. The good news is that a bivalent Covid-19 booster dose can maintain your protection against the virus.

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Hoping to clear any confusion you might have about these Covid booster shots, allow us to share commonly asked questions about them:

  • What Is the Bivalent Booster?

    The most recent version of the Covid-19 vaccine is the bivalent booster. Its prime goal is to provide the best protection against severe disease and infection.

  • I Had COVID Almost Two Months Ago. When Would I Need My Booster Shot?

    Infection following vaccination, indeed, boosts your immune response. In that case, vaccinated individuals obtain the protection that ranges from four to six months. If you are vaccinated, the optimal time to get a booster is four to six months following your infection.

  • Should Kids and Teens Who Had the Original Vaccines and a Booster Get the Bivalent Booster?

    Yes. Similar to the scenario above, four to six months after the last booster is a good time to obtain the bivalent booster. This will increase the immune system’s long-term memory and provide greater protection against circulating infections.

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