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Reasons Why You Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


Today, the Delta variant has led to a new surge in COVID-19 cases not just in the U.S. but across the globe. Hence, those who have not been vaccinated are urged to schedule their vaccine shot, while those who are fully vaccinated are encouraged to get Covid booster shots for improved immunity.
As a clinic offering vaccination and Covid-19 testing in Houston, Texas, we will discuss the reasons to get vaccinated:

  • Vaccines are effective. Getting the Covid-19 vaccine in Texas can significantly lower your risk of getting the virus that causes COVID. This also lowers your risk of serious illness and not only protects yourself but your loved ones around you. Getting vaccinated is still the safest way to build protection.
  • Vaccines allow easier access to daily activities. While there are still health and safety protocols in place, vaccines bring us closer to normality before the pandemic. Having proof of vaccination is certainly more convenient, especially if you travel frequently or you need to attend certain activities.
  • Vaccines are safe. The available Covid-19 vaccines are safe to use and are recommended by the CDC. The vaccines are also fully approved by the FDA and are safe for children ages 5 and older, including adults and seniors.
  • Vaccines are free and accessible. Our nation’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines is strong and is available for free everywhere– including your local health department, pharmacy, or clinic. Simply set an appointment at your preferred schedule and arrange your second dose, if needed.

IV Covid-19 Antibody Infusion is also ready to be given to those who will be tested positive for the virus.

King & Quean’s Point Services LLC is a clinic specializing in intravenous treatments. In addition to IV vitamin infusion services, we also offer Covid-19 testing and vaccination to monitor and prevent serious illness.

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