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Why Vaccinations Need a Booster


Have you ever taken a child to a clinic for a shot? Did you notice the need to come back for another? If the child already took the vaccine, why do you think there is a need to administer it again?

These additional shots are called boosters. People have these in addition to boosting the primary doses of a vaccine. A well-known example is a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas.

Before, we had to get the first and second doses, and now, the COVID booster shots. Why? Because the effectiveness of vaccines wears over time and we need added protection against viruses like Covid.

These aren’t new in the field of medicine. You may have done this when you were young and even in adulthood. Examples of other immunizations with booster shots include DTap, Pneumonia vaccines, and flu shots.

COVID-19 testing in Houston, Texas, is insufficient to ensure your safety against the virus. Vaccinations guarantee a long-term assurance of immunity against any illnesses that require them.

And in addition to immunizations, we have IV COVID-19 Antibody Infusion to introduce antibodies intravenously and target an infection. King & Quean’s Point Services LLC offers this service.

For more information on IV vitamin infusion, call us at 240-729-1432 or 832-295-3065.

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